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How Do I Care For My Ceramics?

  • Handwashing is recommended
  • No microwave 

Are The Glazes Food Safe?

  • Yep! You bet.  All glazes that I use on the pottery are food and drink safe. There is a lead-free clear glaze that covers the entire piece to give it a glossy finished coat to ensure it's saftey for you.

Do You Do Special Requests or Wholesale?

  • Special requests are case-by-case and it depends on how much time I have or if I'm capable of the request. So I if you ask me and I say "no, I can't do that" please understand. 
  • I would love to chat wholesale with you! The best way to do that is send an email via my Contact Page and we can go from there.
What Is a Shop Update/Restock?
  • This means I've picked a special date for when I upload new inventory onto my website.  When pieces are gone, they are gone.  It keeps it fresh for you and fun for me! 
  • All items will be shown before the launch date on my social: Instagram and Facebook.  If you want sneak peeks, click the social links below and give me a follow! 
Do You Make Your Own Pottery Pieces?
  • Most of what you see (mugs, etc.) are poured from molds.  This means each pre-made shape will look identical but they will be painted completely different. To me the glazing and finding wild combinations are thrilling and unique!
  • I do have handbuilt items as well: Plant Pops, Ornaments, Small Dishes, Cheese Plates and currently working on adding more of my own unique designs 
  • If for some reason you are not fully thrilled with your purchase please get in touch.  I want everyone to be happy with Happy Cat!